Data privacy statement

Section 1 General

We process your personal data (e.g. title, name, address, email address, phone number, bank details, credit card number) only in accordance with the provisions of the German Federal Privacy Act. The following rules inform you about the nature, scope, and purpose of collecting, processing, and using personal data. This Data Privacy Statement applies only to our website. If you are redirected by links on our website to other websites, please obtain further information on these websites regarding the handling of your data.

Section 2 Base Personal Data

(1) Your personal data are used exclusively for contract processing to the extent necessary for the establishing, formulating the content of, or changing the contractual status (base personal data). It is thus necessary, for example, to forward your name and address to suppliers in order to deliver goods.
(2) Without your express consent or without legal basis, your personal data shall not be shared with third parties beyond the scope of contract processing. Upon completion of contract processing your data will be blocked from further use. These data will be deleted after expiration of tax and commercial regulations unless you have expressly consented to their further use.

Section 3 Information on Cookies

(1) Under certain circumstances, we may also collect information about your use of our website by using what are known as browser cookies. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your data media that store certain settings and data for exchanging information with our system via your browser. As a rule, a cookie contains the name of the domain from which the cookie data has been sent, information on the age of the cookie, and an alphanumeric identifier. Cookies enable our systems to recognize the user's device and immediately provide any defaults. As soon as a user accesses the platform, a cookie is sent to the hard disk of the respective user's computer. Cookies help us to improve our website and enable us to offer you better service tailored even more to meet your needs. They enable us to recognize your computer when you return to our website and thereby:

– Store information about your favorite activities on the website and thus tailor our website to your individual interests. This includes, for example, advertising that matches your personal interests.
– Speed up processing of your inquiries.

(2) The cookies we use contain only the data described in paragraph (1) above pertaining to your use of the website. An identification number is assigned to the cookie (cookie ID) and no reference made to you personally. The cookie ID is not combined with your name, IP address, or similar data that would allow referencing of the cookie to you. Refer to paragraph (3) if you would like to disable the use of browser cookies.

(3) Before browser cookies are set, we will inform you on the homepage of our website on how we use them. If you do not wish to use browser cookies, you must set your browser so that it will not accept storage of cookies. Please note that in this case you may have only limited access or even be unable to access our website at all. If you would like to accept only our own cookies but not those from our service providers and partners, you can select the "Block third-party cookies" setting in your browser.

Section 4 Web Analysis with Piwik

On this website, data is collected and stored for marketing and optimization purposes using technology from open source application Piwik ( User profiles can be generated under a pseudonym using this data. Cookies can also be used in this context. Cookies are small text files that are stored locally in the cache of the Internet browser used by the visitor to the website. These cookies enable renewed recognition of the Internet browser. The data retrieved using Piwik technologies are not used without the specific consent of the person concerned to identify the person visiting the website nor are they combined with the personal data through the holder of the pseudonym. You may choose not to have a unique web analytics cookie identification number assigned to your computer to avoid the aggregation and analysis of data collected on this website. To make that choice, please click below to receive an opt-out cookie.

Section 5 YouTube Plugins

(1) This webpage uses plugins from YouTube. These services are provided by YouTube, LLC, Cherry Ave., United States (YouTube), represented by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States (Google). When the "clicc" webpage is created in your browser, the YouTube code button is immediately queried by a YouTube/Google server through your browser and incorporated into the 'clicc' webpage appearing in your browser. We therefore have no influence on the amount of data retrieved by YouTube/Google.

(2) According to Google, Google collects information about the page you viewed when you clicked on the YouTube button, i.e. the Internet address in addition to your IP address and other information related to the browser. Google standardized its data privacy statements effective 1 March 2012. In the current data privacy statement no information is provided regarding the use of the YouTube button.

(3) If you are logged on YouTube with your account, the information collected will be allocated to your account/Google account. By interacting with the YouTube plugin (clicking, etc.), information produced by the interaction is sent to YouTube/Google and stored there. You can prevent this by logging out at YouTube before you visit our website.

(4) According to Google, Google neither records your visits on the Internet nor your browsing history permanently and does not analyze your visit to a page with YouTube button in a different way either. However, Google stores some information on your visit for a short period, usually for about two weeks for system maintenance and troubleshooting purposes. However, this information is not structured according to individual profiles, user names, or URLs. Click the following link for further information from Google:

(5) Further information on the purpose and scope of the collection, storage, and processing of your data by YouTube/Google as well as settings is also available at the following link:

(6) Please look there as well for more information as the privacy terms of Google's products are updated and adapted regularly when extended functionalities are incorporated.

Section 6 Information

Under the Federal Privacy Act, you have the right to free information pertaining to your stored data, and the right to correction, blocking, or deletion of data of this kind. Address any questions in this regard to the following email address for example: info(at)

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