Direct Print
Bold colors with White+CMYK 360° digital inkjet at 360 dpi in grayscale result in 1080 dpi optical resolution decorations.
Direct Print low-migration LED-UV inks and the Direct Print process have been certified not to migrate through the PET bottle wall.
Direct Print inks adhere completely to the PET bottle without fading on-shelf. They also provide PET bottle-to-bottle recyclability in the normal PET waste stream.
Direct Print industrial printers are integrated into PET bottle filling and packaging lines downstream of the stretch-blow molder running at 12,000 / 24,000 / 36,000 bottles per hour.
Direct Print cloud-based artwork platform enables brand owners to produce 1-to-1 print proofs and implement new bottle decorations industrially within minutes.

What is it?

Direct Print Powered by KHS™ is the marketing driven solution that combines digital packaging with speed to market. A groundbreaking printing technology solution for PET bottle decoration, it delivers agility combined with less packaging. Direct Print offers specifically developed inks, an artwork transformation software platform, sample printing capability, industrial printers and support services that will bring printing competence into the world of filling and packaging, along with a new brand engagement solution.

What is it What is it What is it What is it


  • Innovative marketing tool for consumer engagement
  • Effective and flexible brand positioning
  • Real-time personalization with high-quality images
  • Bottle-to-bottle variability
Who is it for

Who is it for?

Beverage brand owners with cylindrical untreated PET bottles.


  • 360° White+Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Black (CMYK) digital inkjet
  • Low-migration LED-UV cured inks, consumer safe application
  • Empty, untreated, cylindrical PET bottles
  • 12,000 / 24,000 / 36,000 bottles/hour
  • Bottle diameters 40–115 mm
  • Bottle heights 100–320 mm
  • Decoration height: 70 mm

Artwork Management

The Direct Print Powered by KHS™ software platform enables immediate decoration changes and allows for highest possible image variability, taking brand engagement to the next level.

Artwork Management Artwork Management Artwork Management Artwork Management Artwork Management


Direct Print Powered by KHS™ digital inks bond quickly to clean, dry PET surfaces with no need for pretreatment or primer and are finished by the LED-UV curing process, which prevents migration through PET. Direct Print Powered by KHS™ delivers brilliant, high-quality images that resist scuffing and fading all the way through the consumer experience, and yet Direct Print inks detach from the PET surface during the normal bottle-to-bottle recycling process. Direct Print Powered by KHS™ has been developed for a wide variety of PET bottle sizes and eliminates the need for format parts for bottles with a common neck finish. Printheads have been certified for the highest print resolution (360 dpi physical, 1080 dpi optical with grayscale), provided that the optimal distance between the printhead and the bottle surface of approximately 1 mm is maintained. Cylindrical bottles enable the highest image resolution.

Direct Print Powered by KHS™ allows brand owners to quickly change decorations while offering the highest level of image variability. Digital-to-shape is easier and faster than current digital label printing technology. Plus, it allows for a greater number of preselected images to be implemented in production. Over the long run, Direct Print Powered by KHS™ will be competitive with other decoration solutions when all parameters (ink volumes, artworks savings, materials savings, inventory savings and elimination of changeovers for new decorations) are taken into consideration. Digital printing to Packaging is the future.

Direct Print Powered by KHS™ brings a complete printing solution to the world of filling and packaging:

  • KHS deep understanding of the filling and packaging line
  • Specially co-developed White+CMYK inkset for PET
  • Proven digital printing technologies adapted for packaging
  • Dedicated artwork platform for transforming files to Direct Print Powered by KHS™ digital format via the cloud
  • Sample printing to shorten the design evaluations and approvals process
  • Cloud-based workflow management tool for the industrial printer installed immediately downstream of the stretch-blow molder
  • Industrial printer installed in a filling line immediately downstream of the stretch-blow molder.

Based on the current innovation curve, Direct Print Powered by KHS™ will transform PET lines over the next three to five years.

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